Sunday, February 6, 2011


We spent last weekend in Gaffney, SC. Luke was selected to participate in Limestone College's honor band, so off we went. Anytime that he can play next to people who are better than him is a chance we just can't pass up. Being with those who are better, only serves to make us better! I think he may have been the only freshman in attendance.

He was really impressed with the school and their music department as were we. The school is small as is the town, and seemed to be a good fit for him. However, we have three more years before that decision has to be made, and who knows? a career choice may change between now and then. They do offer a hefty scholarship during this weekend to all seniors in attendance who wish to try-out. This year, Luke's friend and drum major for NCH, Dylan, won the scholarship! We were so excited for him as he is so deserving.

Before the final concert on Saturday we decided to have lunch with Dylan and his parents. While riding through Gaffney's downtown area, we had seen a HUGE sign on a restaurant window that said, "Featured on Food Network". We figured it was one of those places that Guy Fieri goes on his show:  Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We were right, and asked the waitress what he had come to taste. She told us the chili-dogs and chili hamburgers. So, okay, I ordered a chili-dog and Dylan's dad got the chili-burger. YUCK! The hot dog was boiled with chili on top. Steve makes a better chili-dog and a better chili! The chili burger was basically a sloppy joe with one meatball (albeit small) on it. We were sorely disappointed. My advice is, if you ever go through Gaffney, don't bother to stop at Harold's.

All-in-all though, the weekend was full of fun and bargains (Belk was having a killer sale where I found Luke some jeans for $8).  The concert was great.....of course! Luke enjoyed himself, and we did too!

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