Monday, February 7, 2011

lady in waiting

I have never read any of Susan Meissner's books, so when I saw this one on Waterbrook's Blogging for Books page, I chose it. I had heard good things, and boy were they right!
A Lady in Waiting tells the story of two Janes. One in modern day and one during the reign of the Tudors. They are intertwined when modern day Jane, an antiques dealer, finds a ring and is determined to get the history behind it. Her husband has left her and she is alone for the first time which allows her the freedom to search out the true owner of the ring, and she finds much more instead.

I loved how Susan intertwined the two stories without confusion. I am not generally a fan of this style, but her ability to keep me interested in both at the same time was excellent. Both stories are told from the heart of the characters involved giving the reader a glimpse into the heartache of each. The stories are seamless, and soar to the end with grace and clarity. I loved it!!

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  1. I agree she's a great writer. I had the priviledge of sitting under her in at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference. She was a great mentor and a sweet woman.
    Keep up the God work.