Thursday, January 20, 2011


I remember the first time I ever walked into a Wal-Mart. It wasn't even in Augusta yet, we had to drive plum cross the river to get to it--the Savannah River, that is. A friend told another friend and I about it, and that we just HAD to, we went. We thought we had died and gone to shopping heaven....HEAVEN, I say! I remember that one of my friends couldn't remember the name of the store and she called it Warbucks, which I thought was hilarious. We were so.darned.excited. to actually get our own store once it arrived in Augusta.

However, I ask you......where has the Wal-Mart of old gone?
Where's the store that hires employees that actually care if you are shopping there or not?
Where's the store where the aisles are clean and clutter free so that you can walk without fear of tripping?
Where's the store that had actual clearance sales?
Where's the store that I could actually walk around in for a little peace?

I miss those days of old.

To me, WM has become nothing more than a place of necessity; a place I HATE!

So, suffice it to say that WM and me are on the outs......I've found a new love.....Target, of course!


  1. Ha! We have no Target in Findlay... so Walmart it is - however I have gotten away from grocery shopping there now that I'm couponing :).

  2. Our Walmart is like shopping in Mexico, i hear more Spanish than English, and I find the sales associates downright surly, I do most of my shopping online.