Wednesday, January 5, 2011

medical update

I went to see a hematologist/oncologist today. I was so happy that God led me to this guy. He reminded me a lot of "the other man in my life" otherwise known as Dr. Godfrey. Not the way he looked, but in his demeanor. He spent a good deal of time with me asking questions and poking around, and I wasn't nervous at all! I could REALLY feel the prayers of God's people and I thank you so much for that!

He took 6 vials of blood to do a lot of tests! I go back in 3 weeks to get the results, but he thinks that it is probably an autoimmune problem. We'll just keep praying!!


  1. So glad you found a dr. you feel good about. It makes such a difference. Praying for you, friend!

  2. I'm thrilled that you've found someone you like and feel comfortable with! Praying the great Physician gives you much peace!