Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have quite a few new websites that I like and thought I'd share! But first, WHO'S READY TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL????? I know a lot of my friends and Tracy (my SIL) all are! I went to a great leadership conference today so I got to be back in the land of the living--I was getting a little stir-crazy!

Here's my list:

1saleaday  Find interesting deals on stuff. I haven't actually bought anything yet, but I feel sure that I will soon.

daily steal  Another one of those places with stuff that is interesting one day and not so much the next.

shoebuy  I love, love, love this site. It has thousands of shoes to pick from. The prices aren't bad (especially when they have a sale), shipping is free all the time, no tax, and IF it doesn't fit, is the wrong color, or you just don't like it, they pay for you to ship it back! You just can't beat that!

Jenny  This young lady came by my blog and left a comment on a review I had done. I clicked on her and found her blog. She is very well-spoken through her blog and has some definite ideas about she can share her faith and what it means to her, a teenager. I think you will find the time you spend over there well worth it!

I am also becoming a BIG fan of the shopping online. Something I thought I would never like because I like to look and touch things, but wow! what a transformation this has made for me! Some of my favorites ( I still like the stores, too!)



amazon  My word where you can find EVERYTHING!

These are just some things I've found recently with all of my free time what with the ice and everything! Have fun surfing!

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  1. I do most of my shopping on-line. Have you looked at etsy?