Thursday, December 9, 2010

sugar cookies

If you haven't read the book, Sugar Cookies Little Lessons on Love, you should. It's a great book about what love looks like using cookies as the object of affection. It is so sweet.

I read that to my classes on Wed., and then they decorated and ate sugar cookies.....they had a great time choosing their icing colors, placing the sprinkles just so, and then licking their plates clean. It was the cutest thing. I'd love to post pics, but I'm not sure about the integrity of that, so if you'd like to see their little faces check them out on Facebook--BDK Elementary.

Today, Santa comes to visit and have his picture taken with lots of little people (and some bigger ones too). I'm not sure how Santa feels about this experience since little people aren't really THIS Santa's forte'. However, I'm sure that Santa Steve will endure and take a nap when we get home! LOL

Have a delightful day!

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