Thursday, December 16, 2010

falling behind

I am so behind this year! Each week has been busier than the next, and it seems like I am just trying to survive! Yesterday was my sweet Luke's birthday, and while he doesn't really care if he gets his own post on this here blog, I kinda like talking about him! Unfortunately, he'll have to wait!

His Christmas concert at the school is tonight, and his party is tomorrow so hopefully, I will have some good pics to share from those two great events. But, right now I am awake at 4 AM stressing about whether or not I will have enough icing for my four classes today to decorate their cookies AND knowing that I need to walk out into the frigid cold and get the stuff to do my PTO deposit!

I'm really looking forward to Sat. afternoon when I can curl up on the couch in my comfy robe and do NOTHING! A whole lotta nothing, I mean! I intend to seriously embrace the nothingness!! But first, I have play practice for the children's musical to be held Sunday night.

For today, I will continue, though, to just be behind with the wrapping, shopping, and general Christmasy stuff that one can get done when one has the time..............

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