Sunday, November 28, 2010

the BEST ever

We had the BEST Thanksgiving I think we've ever had. It started on Wednesday when Shea got to come and visit and spend the day. We enjoyed having her, and then.....she was off.

We decided to forgo the big meal this year, and instead just lounged until we got ready to leave for Atlanta. On the way there, we found a Cracker Barrel and along with many other folks we had a good meal, good fellowship with each other, and then....we were off.

We arrived in Suwanee and immediately began to discuss our Black Friday plans which actually started that night at 12:01 except for Billy whose idea of shopping is.... I'll watch the kids at home thankyouverymuch! Which works because, really, who wants to listen to whining the whole time (and here I'm talking about Billy, not the boys!). We worked out a plan, and then.....we were off.

To Wal-Mart. My idea was...let's get there, get everything we want, check out at 12:01 and not go back for the entire weekend. Do you think that worked out? Of course not! We went back there two more times on Friday, and then when we got home on Sat.! LOL That place casts a spell on people, I think. We were back up at 7 on Friday and off at 8 to the Mall of Georgia. that place was crowded. It was funny, though. Some stores you couldn't get into and some were practically empty. I wanted to go in Aeropostale, but you literally couldn't get IN. So, I went next door to AE and didn't hardly have to wait in line. They had a great sale, too!

We shopped a large portion of the day until it was time for the Alabama/Auburn game ~ Alabama, you let us down : ( 

After the game, we were off again! This time to the movies with just the adults. Billy and Tracy hadn't seen the new HP, and Steve and I saw Unstoppable which is based on a true story and was pretty good. (Even if it hadn't been good, looking at Chris Pine for two hours is bound to make a person smile!)

The next day, we had to leave earlier than we would've liked, but responsibility called. Honestly, this was a wonderful weekend topped off with Georgia beating Georgia Tech.  I hope to make this our NEW tradition.

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