Tuesday, November 23, 2010

so much to be thankful for

With Thanksgiving two days away, it is only fitting that I give space to share what I am thankful for this year.

1. You, my readers and bloggy friends. It's been so nice to get to know you this year.
2. My family, of course, they are a joy to me every day. I've really enjoyed this year watching our kids mature into such fine adults (except Luke who is growing into a fine young man!).
3. My husband, Steve, who I can honestly say I love more today than yesterday and certainly more than 20 years ago when I married him.
4. My job. I need to be there full-time, and I want to be, but I am very, very grateful that I have a job with insurance.
5. New friends. Isn't it amazing how God answers prayers about even the smallest things in our lives?
6. Having the chance to go and spend some time with the extended family this week!
7. Jesus, without whom, I would be lost and floundering.
8. Our church family. They love us, and show it. That is a wonderful experience!

There are so many small things that I could count, but I won't bore you with the details. I hope you and your family have a glorious Thanksgiving season full of family, peace, and joy!

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  1. And I am thankful for you, Patty! You have been such an encourager to me. Praying you have a restful, special Thanksgiving with your family!