Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There are so many television programs to watch right now that I am having a hard time fitting it all in! So, here are a few observations from some of my favs..............

1. Who, exactly, decided that curling was a sport??

2. How would you like to be able to spin soooooo fast that it made your nose bleed??

3. Was it just me, or did the girls on last night's American Idol sound, NOT. SO. GOOD.??

4. Who thought Rozlyn, on The Women Tell All, sound a tad bit defensive (or uh... GUILTY)??

5. The little skater from Canada who lost her mom a few days ago was the sweetest thing last night. How brave was she?? I cried when she finished.

6. That ski cross event? Too. Dangerous. For. Words.

So, so many ponderous questions for the next week..............

Will the boys sound better tonight on AI?
Will Russell be able to pull off his shenanigans on Survivor?
Will Jake REALLY choose that horrible Vienna? (completely ruined the show for me, thanks, Reality Steve)
Will the Americans be first in the medal count when all is said and done?

Stay tuned.............and we'll see!


  1. Oh reality steve please be wrong... did you see how him and ali looked at each other.... uh yes please be the guy who ditches the other in solitude since the show and now your going to ali...please please be genuine and real

  2. I know, Rachel, I know. I have liked him so much, but I bet he won't be that guy. I'm setting myself up for disappointment remembering that this is, after all, just a tv show. He has always seemed like a stand-up guy to me. Oh, how I want to be wrong about Vienna!