Thursday, February 25, 2010

fiction reviews

I have two great books from WaterbrookMutlnomah to review this week.

The first one, Yesterday's Promise, by Linda Lee Chaikin is the story of Rogan Chantry who has won his independence from Sir Julien Bley in South Africa. He begins on a journey of to find a deposit of gold, but is challenged by the impending colonization of South Africa by the British. Back at home, his love, Evy Varley is faced with her own challenges as she stands off against the man who murdered Rogan's uncle. Can they find their way back to one another safely?

This book grabbed me at the beginning. I was intrigued as I went through the story to find out what would happen next. It's an easy, enjoyable read. I had not read the first book that set up the love story between Evy and Rogan, and I wish that I had. I intend to purchase it so that I can get the whole story and be ready for book 3. If you like historical fiction, then you will like this one.

The second book is Faithful Heart by Al Lacy. To be honest, this book had me at the prologue. After reading that, I was so sad that I had missed the other series that dealt with these characters. The love story between Breanna and John is very sweet. I was intrigued with the inward struggles that Jerrod seemed to have with himself, and really felt for Dottie as she tried to deal with him. As I began to read, I got that little tingle inside that I actually haven't felt in a while when I know I'm reading something I won't be able to put down, and this book did not disappoint! Another great historical fiction piece.

The themes in this book are difficult to deal with.....war, post-traumatic stress disorder, child abuse, spousal prepared to deal with your own emotions about these issues.

These two books were provided to me for review by Waterbrook Mutlnomah.

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