Tuesday, July 7, 2009

inside out

I watched the show, Ruby, the other night on Style Network. Ruby is the large lady who is losing weight with the world watching. I don't know if I would be that brave! In this particular episode, she is struggling with getting back on her program after a devastating loss in her life. What I was drawn to, however, is how she is with her friends and how they are with her. While I know that some of that may be for the camera, I was so impressed with the fact that her friends love her regardless of her size. That got me to thinking.

I have those same kinds of people in my life. They love me even though my butt has grown to be a wide load. However, I don't necessarily love myself. I like the person who I am on the inside, but can never seem to get past the outside. Hence the title of my post, inside out.

I began reflecting on what I like about myself and realized that I would never truly love myself until I started with the inside because the outside is gross to me. Perhaps if I can start over and focus on the PERSON I am instead of the FAT, I can finally do something about said fat and work harder on losing it. (It's easier said than done). So, with that said--out loud and in a public forum--that is a new goal I am setting for myself. To dig deep inside myself and truly love who I am and not what I look like. To stop fretting about what people are thinking (or trying to interpret their thoughts--hello--I have NO idea what they are!) and enjoy my life. To remember, daily, that I have wonderful people who love me (not to mention a GOD who adores me for me) and who enjoy my company.

So, today, I resolve to love myself--fat and all--from the inside out instead of focusing on the outside first!

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  1. I didn't realize Ruby was filmed here in Savannah. Lots of large people here. Only reason to ever lose weight is for health reasons, not someone's idea of how you should look. Life's too short to worry about the exterior.