Thursday, July 30, 2009

changes is full of them, and we have to just roll with the punches. There are some changes coming to our house in the coming weeks, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about them as they are not the ones I was expecting.

Me: I didn't get a job even though I surely thought I would. Makes me sad, really, but I know that God knows best. So, I will be coordinating the sacks of love for our little part of the county hoping that will make a difference in the lives of some kiddos who need it. I hope to be facilitating a Bible study for minister's wives. I plan to sub (no, not my favorite thing to do) but it will at least give me SOMETHING productive to do. AND I'm taking two classes in the Fall.

Steve: He will carry on as usual although he is now an official blogger for Thomas Nelson Publishing. He also hopes to possibly do some teaching at the local technical school in his favorite subject: Religion. He is also going to be giving up his baby girl--well, I guess we both are--that will be different for him.

Luke: He's about to start back to school--8th grade--big man on campus. Whoo-Hoo He plans to try out for the wrestling team, do jazz band again, and his band teacher has several other activities planned for him as he is very advanced (in his class) on his saxophone. So, really, he's just growing up........hard to swallow for the momma!

Stevie: I guess the biggest changes are for her and those affect us all. College--finally decided on a program and a place. Trident Technical College in Charleston. She will be working towards an Associates degree in Film Production which will then allow her to transfer to The Art Institute of Charleston to finish her Bachelors if that is what she chooses to do after two years. She will be moving and living alone (at least at first) which is soooooooooooooo scary for me!

I will probably spend half my time visiting her in Charleston (I love that place anyway!) and the other half worrying about her. I'm trying to remember the verse--"Be anxious for nothing" but when you watch a child walk away who you have nurtured and fought for all through her life, it's hard. She's always walked to the beat of her own drummer, and she's doing that again. I just want to be in step so as not to lose her!

Changes........they can be wonderful, scary, and empowering all at the same time..........but above all of that, they are necessary.

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  1. Changes are always hard. I remember when April went to college, we were all prepared for her to be up in
    Athens and us down in Augusta, then half-way through her senior year in High School Mac got orders to Turkey. He went in February while I stayed back with April. He came back for her graduation in June and then we all went to Turkey. When it came time for her to return to the States to start college I almost lost it. I couldn't imagine her being almost 10,000 miles from us.
    We had no family in Georgia but a friend of ours met April at the airport and drove with her to Athens. We had no phone in Turkey and had to go to the phone company to book a call when we wanted to talk to her. We didn't see her again till Christmas. It was so hard. But it all worked out, April thrived at college, no doubt doing all the things I would never have allowed her to do, Mac and I became even closer. So changes have a way of working themselves out.