Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a talk with the doc

I saw my family doctor today, you know, good ole Doc Godfrey (he's not really old, actually quite young....scary~) Anyway, he and I had a little chat about lupus. Nothing too important especially since he doesn't know that much about it (except that he did say not to take ibuprofen since it can cause stomach bleeding and reduce platelets ...and I don't have any of those to spare!), but I told him that I had been reading some blogs written by people with lupus. Most of those people...SCARE ME! Seriously, they are not happy, AT ALL.  I certainly don't want to feel like that. 

But, we did talk about the fact that lupus is many different things and looks differently on everyone. It's like a BIG mystery since some people have major problems, and some just a rash. I have experienced what some of them spoke of because I am asked all the time if I am feeling better. I don't know.....I never really felt BAD per se....just VERY, VERY TIRED much of the time. I mean a bone-weary tired. So, it's kinda hard for me to answer that question. I may feel up to going  all day one day, and the next be exhausted and in pain. So, while I don't look sick, I am. While I try not to act sick, I am. I am seriously trying to stop thinking about it...I just want to LIVE WELL and enjoy my life. I have no intention of letting this beat me. Hence, the following song.....I will not be lupus! I may put up with, but God will continue to design my life and define who I am.

I will change your name.
You shall no longer be called
Wounded, outcast, lonely or afraid.

I will change your name.
Your new name will be
Confidence, joyfulness, overcoming one,
Faithfulness, friend of God, one who seeks my face.
Not sure who to credit for the song, so if you know...let me know!

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  1. Great blog Patty, I think about you often and pray for you, hope you had a good Easter break and that family things don't drag you down too much.