Tuesday, April 5, 2011

children say the darndest things! and other updates

Here's a conversation that I had in children's church on Sunday. We are talking about Moses, and the sheet they were coloring said, "I am the I am." Of course, we know that "I am" is God, BUT.....

Me: "Our sheet says, "I am the I am". Does anyone know who that is?

Olivia: Sam! (you know, like Sam, I am! in Dr. Seuss)


doctor update:

went to see Dr, Neimer in Charleston Friday and he

1) upped my lupus meds
2) took some blood work which I haven't heard back from
3) had me buy some over the counter stuff called CoQ10 which is for pain, looks like huge termites, and I have to take 3 of them
4) took me off the effexior which helps with hot flashes, but was compounding the exhaustion problem
5) gave me an anti-depressant/chronic pain med which was to help me sleep and Oh, boy....won't be taking those when I need to work or do anything else productive the next day!!

I did feel NORMAL for the first time in months today. We'll see about tomorrow when it comes!

update on bully problem:

Our band director was re-instated (long story...won't bore you with details) and we haven't heard from the bully. We are wondering if his head exploded! hahaha....I know, I shouldn't make fun!

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