Saturday, July 2, 2011


The summer break is going by too fast! It seems like there is something to do all the time. This coming week we are going to see the Braves vs. Rockies in Atlanta. Pretty pumped about that because we haven't been to a Braves game in several years.

The rest of the month is filled with VBS and then another trip to Atlanta to keep the nephews while their parents go to Hawaii. All I can say about that is Must.Be.Nice. Maybe one day I'll get there!

The last week it will be time for school registration. Can you believe it?

Luke will have band camp, we assume, because we are getting a new band director. A move that I think is best for everyone who was involved with the band this past year. Hopefully, we can have a drama-free year for the band kids and their parents!

So, I plan to enjoy every moment of this last month of break. What are you plans?

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  1. Enjoy the Braves, we haven't been to see them for a couple of years, love baseball.