Friday, August 5, 2011

places I love

I've found a few new places that I just love to shop....all online! Who'da thunk it??

I was thinking the other day that the first time I really heard about online shopping was about 14 years ago while living in Shelbyville, TN. I can clearly remember.....using my superduper DIAL UP internet (AOL anyone?) and perusing a few said shops. I don't when the first Christmas was that online shopping became the thing to do, but I remember saying, "I don't like shopping online. I don't trust it. What if your stuff never arrives?" Truly, all valid concerns.

However, I've grown up! I love it, and I love finding new places to visit without changing out of my blue comfy robe!!

Of course, one of my all-time favorite window shopping places is Etsy. I do buy from there occasionally because I love handmade things and I like to support those who are willing to do the work for me.

For shoes, and I do sooooo LOVE me some shoes....I like 6pm. They have awesome sales and good customer service. They also sell clothing and accessories, but I have only used them for shoes. I mean, seriously, when I can get a cute pair of Naturalizers for $15 that had been $60, what's not to love??

For the online shopping that I do, I try to use Mr. Rebate. If you shop through them, you earn cash rebates. I have already earned like $35!

I also adore Coldwater Creek's outlet. I only shop from the outlet and then only when they are having an outlet sale. I have gotten some great deals.

Now, if you have a little money that can splurge on something simply for yourself......try Missus Smarty Pants. For $30 a year, you get shopping tips for your body style for each week. I like it because she features a store each week, and shows you what to go and buy. This week was Target, and I plan to go there (it's tax free weekend here, after all!) and get this: