Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I hate it. Junk just seems to pile up, especially when we are exceptionally busy. So, I've spent the last week cleaning out closets, drawers, and bookshelves. Our youth group is having a yard sale on Saturday, and I've already sent about ten boxes over for them to have for it. I bet I can conjure up another five or six before I'm done. What happens if I don't get finished before Saturday? Well, the band is having a yard sale, too so they will benefit as well.

It seems like the more I clean, the more there is to clean. Dust just seems to descend on us....it's kinda ridiculous! However, it must be done. Have you seen that show Hoarders? I watched it once, and it freaked me out. I cannot imagine having so much stuff that I can't walk or couldn't get out of my house in case of fire. With all the stuff those people have, their houses have to be a fire hazard.

Houses aren't the only things that have to be cleaned, though. Sometimes we have to clean out our minds and our hearts. Have you ever let bitterness, sadness, or anger just wear you down until your mind was cluttered and you couldn't think rationally? Or so clouded that your prayer life suffered? It happens to everyone. We get something on our mind and it begins to take over our thought processes until it is all we can think about. Isn't it much better to just give things to God and let him tackle the tough issues for you? Kind of like cleaning,  do a little every day and it won't pile up. Give things to God immediately, and He will command your thoughts.

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