Thursday, August 22, 2013


Does anyone know how to change the pictures in a banner? Like the one I have at the top of my page. My kids don't even look like that anymore! I tried actually downloading a brand new design from cutest little blog on the block (their designs are free), but I guess because the one I have now is custom, it didn't work.

I know some of you are gurus at this type of thing, and can tell me what to do. I sure would appreciate it!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

senior stuff

Luke brought home that senior packet from Jostens today. You know, the one that we all got when we were graduating from high school. The one that the rep brings and makes you think that you MUST have all of the cool stuff or you will never truly remember your high school days. Yeah, you know the one!

Luckily for me, I am graduating a boy. They are so different from girls because they could care less about all of that cutesy stuff. I think I'm getting out of it pretty darn cheap. The only extra thing Luke wants is a $40 jacket. So other than the $125 I have to pay to get that cap and gown, I think I'm coming out pretty good. Of course I will have to order invitations, but we want to do those on our own using his senior pics.

Speaking of senior pics, can't wait for those! He's having his taken Labor Day weekend by my sister-in-law, Tracy. That girl can take some pictures. I've been pinning poses for about six months now so I hope she has paid attention!

Back to that packet for a minute, do  you know that they actually have the NERVE to try and sell "graduation" rings? Like, hello! I just paid over three hundred dollars last year for a class ring that is now too big so it's not worn. I'm sure somebody actually buys those, however I am not that crazy.

It's only the second day of school, and the handing out of the money for graduation has already begun. I hate to see what the rest of the year holds! haha

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Steve and I had the privilege to go on a cruise to Alaska this summer. It was the best. vacation. EVER! Here's some pics:

I'll be adding more later!

A Senior? Really?

I can't believe that my little boy will be a senior in high school starting tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting and rocking him while staring into his sweet little face. Now, he is on the verge of "adulthood". I am so proud of the young man that he is becoming. He loves Jesus, GA football, and wrestling. He wants to be a doctor, politician, or ruler of the world--whichever he can accomplish first. No longer the days of wanting to be the red Power Ranger. It's amazing really, that it has come to this. I pray joy, peace, and happiness over him as he embarks on this journey...leaving childhood and entering the unknown. I know he will be successful and that God will use him in a mighty way. That's what we prayed for 17 years ago, and that's what we got. A little slice of Heaven!

Monday, August 13, 2012

the last 4 weeks

It all started with what I thought was a simple phone call. Steve got out of the bed, and said that we had to go to Orlando. Now, I had sworn off Orlando for the summer so I knew that something was going on when he said, "we". So, we got ready, packed some clothes and were off for what we believed to be a few days.

Getting there, we found Steve's dad in Florida East hospital with horrific sores on his legs and bottom. It was awful.....he screamed for pain medicine constantly and NOTHING could make him happy. He was on the first floor, and those nurses weren't the greatest at meeting his needs. He didn't help matters any being so contrary. Poor Steve couldn't even sit down for his dad yelling for him to do something. Day after day this continued, and I kept thinking, "what are they doing to help him?". The answer was, not much! We left and came home on that Thursday only to receive a call from Steve's nephew on Friday that his dad was trying to check himself out of the hospital. Steve got on the phone and calmed him down; but that meant that as soon as church was over that Sunday morning, we needed to leave to go back.

We got down there and Monday was more of the same, while Tuesday certainly was not. When we got to the hospital, they had moved him to the 5th floor where we had much better nurses, but were still not getting anywhere. By the end of that day, we had moved to PCU (for about 5 minutes), ICU, and he had been intubated for a procedure that the doctors felt needed to be done. He was losing blood, and his lungs were in a mess.

They found a bleeding ulcer and cauterized it, and took some samples from the junk that they pulled out of his lungs......and we waited. In the meantime, we had to gown, glove, and mask up to go into the room. To make a long story short, we went through lung lavages, and waiting several more times all the while he was intubated. Each day they tried to wake him up by reducing the sedation, and each day they failed. His heart rate and blood pressure couldn't stand the stress. It seemed like each morning when we arrived there was bad news.

Finally, a nurse mentioned that he would have to have a tracheotomy soon (you can't have that tube in your throat indefinitely), and Steve knew that the end was coming. His dad had a living will, and while he had signed consent for them to intubate him while undergoing the procedures, he did not want to be kept on the ventilator indefinitely.

On Wednesday, August 8, with his main doctor wanting to do a very aggressive, invasive surgery, Steve decided it was time to turn off the ventilator. It was not a decision that was made lightly, Steve had wrestled with it and prayed over it for many days. Finally, around 6 PM after all the doctors had signed the paperwork, the nurses unhooked him from all but the IV that was administering pain medicine. Steve, Shea, Stevie, and myself watched over him as he struggled to breathe, and about 6:40 took his last breath.

I've never seen such love poured out of a person than while Steve was caring for Don in those last 40 minutes. He kept telling him he was sorry and wiping his face. This was the picture of love in its rawest form. Heart-wrenching to watch.

I believe that Steve is still in shock. He's had to be strong for his mom, and he preached today on Psalm 121. I know it's going to hit him full force soon, and he will have to grieve in his own way for his dad, his hero. Whatever he goes through, whatever he needs......our kids and I will be by his side to administer the love and grace to walk through this valley.

William Donald Leigh:  1937-2012, buried at sea

Saturday, July 21, 2012

still here

I'm still here...I bet you thought I'd run away again, didn't you? We got a phone call last Monday morning that totally changed the way the rest of our summer looked. Most of you know that Steve's dad was rushed to the hospital, and we were on our way to Orlando quickly thereafter to see about him.

It was a long three days, but we came home since Steve's nephew, Eric, was coming down to take care of things for a few days. We are off again either tomorrow or Monday for I'm not sure how long. That means that I won't get to spend the week with my nephews, Sam and Jack, but we do what we must.

This coming week is registration for school around here....hate I am going to miss it, I love seeing all of the kids after the break! Luke will be registering for his Junior year...I can't believe it. This means that I have tons of stuff to get done before school starts back.

I have lots of blog fodder, but I'll have to get to it later. Keep us in your prayers, and will you also say a prayer for my friend and fellow preacher-wife, Mikki? She's been sick all summer, and just can't seem to shake it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

a new adventure

Well, today marks the day that Stevie begins her adventure as a Pampered Chef consultant. She seems really excited about it, and if you know Stevie you know that emotions are not her strong suit (or showing them rather). She's having her launch party today, and she's making veggie stir-fry and brownies. She was told to keep it simple, and she is.

She's been on the phone with her leader (or whatever she's called), doing online trainings, and working through the notebook to learn how to run her own business. This is actually the first thing she's been excited about since moving to SC. She still needs to get a "real" job and/or go back to school ~ which she says she is doing this fall, but haven't seen any real evidence of that yet. I am ready to get her off my payroll!

Anyway, I'll post some pictures after the party and let you know how she did. I certainly hope it goes well, I hate to see her discouraged this early in the game.

You can always help her out by ordering online should you need anything.